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Casino Playing Cards are poker size (2.5×3.5 inches) and Bridge size (2.25×3.5 inches).

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There are some common questions about marked cards contact lenses that our customers are widely concerned about. Such as, can I see through normal playing cards; will myopia affect the visual effect, how to use them. More info, please read the following guidelines.

Recently, a great number of clients asked me if we have the glasses or contact lenses that can see through normal playing cards, the answer is NOPE!

In fact, all the poker contact lenses on the market cannot be used to see through the non-marked playing cards; they only have the “see-through” function when they are used together with the infrared invisible ink potion.

Don’t believe the one so-called X-ray contact lenses which can see through the regular deck of cards. All the specialized poker contact lenses are developed for seeing invisible ink marks on the back of marked playing cards. If the X ray contact lenses exist, why do the doctors still adopt the complex medical diagnostic X ray television camera instead of wearing a pair of contact lenses to check up the patients?

Our marked playing cards are processed with the personalized chemical potion (luminous ink). The cheating lenses can check the given infra-red wave band, that is why you can use them to know the cards’ information.

Actually, all available marked cards contact lenses are colored, the entire transparent one is still not developed, at least now. If you ever bought these contact lenses, you know that the real marked cards contact lens has a black center, the diameters of different contact lenses are diverse. This part plays an essential role in cheating contact lenses design. There is no need to worry that this black part will change your eyes color; after wearing them, it will be reflected by the pupil, others can’t see any trace of the contact lenses.

The marked poker cards contact lenses can accommodate various lights. For friends who have myopia, wearing poker contact lenses, a pair of myopia glasses also can be used at the same time. The effectiveness of marked card contact lenses will not be affected.

Usually, the cheating contact lenses can only be bought online. However, it is very inconvenient to some customers; and they think the online price is too high, DIY it at home may cost less. Therefore, many people will search on Google to collect knowledge about how to make cheating contact lenses at home. Actually, we don’t suggest doing so, because making contact lenses for playing cards involves much advanced and sophisticated technology. If you DIY the contact lenses at home, many conditions are almost impossible to satisfy.

In the modern marketplace, the latest tech for manufacturing the infrared ink contacts is Sandwich Technology. The safe and quality special contact lenses which are made with this art have 3 layers, the thickness of the center layer is only 0.06mm. The infrared luminous ink filter is inserted into the inter layer, it can prevent users’ eyes from reaching the filter directly. The filter is developed to get the invisible ink marks on the reverse of the marked deck and dyed with the state-of-the-art laser staining system, which ensures the filter is safe and secure to all users.