To read marked cards, it is necessary to have the correct tools. Different marking methods require different equipment. Some of these devices can be detected by others. Other players can see bending or crimping marks, but others need specialized lenses in order to see them. Some of these lenses can even be made to look like regular glasses, making them more discrete.

Marked decks of cards can be used for a variety of purposes, such as poker games or magic shows. To avoid detection, the marked cards must be hidden. In the past, people tried to make these cards visible by bending or adding invisible marks. Manufacturers have developed a number of advanced invisible marking systems. These systems are incorporated into the cards’ back patterns and invisible ink, making them difficult to detect.

There are four different types of cards that are professionally marked. They are distinguished by their unique forms of markings. Standard professional marked cards, for example, use blockout work or cutting-out work that is visible to all. Other techniques such as juice-marking or luminous markings are more discrete. They may be read only by a certain person and are based on tint solutions that vary depending on the card’s back designs.

A poker cheating scanner is the best way to read marked playing cards. This device is much more discreet than traditional IR lenses and sunglasses. It scans the edge of a card to detect invisible barcode marks, and then sends that signal to a wireless earpiece that enables you to hear the results of the game. The scanner can be used by both players and dealers.

A luminous contact lens can be used to reveal invisible marks on cards. It uses a special luminous dye. This type is comfortable and looks normal. It is possible to buy a set luminous sunglasses which appear black but are able to read invisible marks on a card.

If you are looking for a more discreet way to read marked cards, you can buy a poker analyzer mobile phone and an external scanning camera. These devices are a bit more expensive than IR phones and glasses, but they offer superior scanning speeds and accuracy. They also provide the most precise reading of marks on all sides of a card, unlike IR cameras, which can only read the barcodes on one side of a card.

In addition, you can also buy a holographic marker that prints invisible barcodes on the back of a card and is readable by an external scanner. It can be a good choice for those who want to have a high-end scanner but do not have the budget to buy a specialized poker analyzer.

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