If you’re a card magician then the use of a marked card deck can open up many new possibilities and enhance your existing tricks. As long as the marks don’t fall into the two extremes of being too big or hard to read, then a mark system can make your cards even more powerful.

The best marked deck for card magic is one that appears natural. You want something that looks like any normal deck, and preferably doesn’t have any obvious markings of the kind used to identify poker cards. Selecting a marked deck that is too large or cryptic will likely cause suspicion from your spectators.

There are many marked decks on the market. These include those from renowned brands like Ellusionist and Phoenix. These decks use reader markings that are easy-to-read and look very natural. Many of these decks include a booklet with routines. These are well worth reading, and can be useful for any routine you may wish to perform with a marked deck.

You should know that a marked card deck can increase the risk of you being caught. This is less of an issue than you may think. You should be careful not to stare at a card’s back while trying to read the markings. Instead, try to catch a glance of the marks as you are performing another action.

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