Invisible Marked Card Recognition Glasses are used to see invisible marks on playing cards, which are hidden on the back of the cards. Luminous markings on the deck of cards are not visible to the naked eye and only light up when the infrared contact lenses or glasses are worn. It is a good choice for magicians and poker players to use invisible marked cards in their magic shows or in poker tournaments.

This product is made of high quality materials and has a fashionable appearance, which makes it look like common sunglasses. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear and can be worn to many different poker gambling occasions. The main advantage of the luminous ink sunglasses for gambling is that it can be used to read the invisible marks on the backside of the invisible juice marked cards without being discovered by others.

Besides the invisible ink sunglasses for playing card reading, we also sell a variety of other products related to poker gambling. For example, we offer UV marked cards and barcode marked cards that can be used with a poker analyzer scanner and mini earpiece. These cards can be marked with a number and a suit, so you can identify which card is which.

The latest infrared lens to see invisible marked cards is a new type of poker cheating devices that have become popular recently. It has the same appearance as ordinary sunglasses, so no one will suspect that it contains an infrared filter. You can even wear it outside to protect yourself from the sun. Besides, the infrared lens to see invisible marked playing cards is not detectable by other poker players.

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