See Through Cards

There are many games that are played in the world. One of them is the playing card game which is a luck dependent game. The players must win the game based on their fate. It is also a popular game among the people because it is very interesting and enjoyable to play.

With spy cheating lenses, it is easy to cheat at the game of playing cards. These glasses can be purchased easily by anyone who wants a chance to win at playing cards. They are extremely effective and can used anywhere in the globe. They are very small and light and can be worn comfortably without any problems. These glasses are very useful for protecting eyes from the sun.

These special poker glasses allow you to see through the invisible marks on a card. They can be worn anywhere and look like regular glasses. They are also very safe to use and can be worn by any player. They are also unnoticeable by other players. You can also use them to see luminous markings on playing cards.

The IR light is directed toward the playing card by the prism, and an image of the playing card is captured by the camera system. The polarized lighting can be rotated while scanning to detect different forms of tampering. The lens can also be set up to illuminate off-axis to make it easier to detect pinholes and scratches.

This system is able to read all standard standard playing cards that are available commercially. The reading device can be located in the center of a dealing shoe, or the card delivery or shuffler output shoe. The reading system is preferably built in the shoe and has a prism-mirror underneath the first card, and an IR lamp above the camera. The reading system may also be used as an intermediate position between the input and output areas on a shuffler tray or mechanical card delivery tray.

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