Marked cards in invisible ink are marked cards. The invisible markings can only be seen through a special pair of sunglasses or contact lenses. These glasses let you read the values and suits of cards even when they are hidden. Magicians often use invisible ink to do card tricks. It is also a good way to win poker games. The invisible markings can also help you to remember what cards you played.

A few years ago, invisible ink was mostly used by spies to communicate with other agents. Today, invisible ink is available for all kinds of applications, including writing secret messages on the backs of playing cards. This ink is not permanent but it will last as long as the cards are kept in a good condition. It is also possible to use invisible ink for marking other types of paper, such as notepaper and envelopes.

There are several types of marked cards including bar code and IR. The best marked card is printed with invisible ink. This ink cannot be seen by a poker analyzer or the naked eye, but it can be detected using a spy IR cameras. It is also important that the cards are free of stains, as any stains will be noticeable to other players and the dealer.

We have a wide variety of marked cards to choose from, including luminous marked cards and invisible ink cards. We offer a wide range of marked playing cards such as Modiano marked cards.

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