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What is a poker analyser?

A poker analyzer is a device that scans the barcodes on a deck marked cards. The device then tells the user which card is the winner. The device is small enough to be hidden in a watch or power bank. It can also be placed inside a cuff, lighter, or cuff. This allows cheaters to use them in private card games and casinos without the risk of being caught by a security guard.

Another type of poker cheating device is a camera that can read invisible markings on a deck of cards. This allows the player to see which cards their opponent is holding to make better bet decisions. These devices can be purchased on the internet, and many are sold in China.

A more advanced cheating device is a mobile phone poker scanner that looks and functions like a normal mobile. The device can be activated by the user with a single click. It will then scan the hidden barcodes of a deck. This information will be transmitted to the user via Bluetooth earpiece in order to reveal which card is the winner. This mobile poker scan can be used for Texas Holdem and Omaha 4 and Omaha 5.

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