In poker, as in many other games where money is involved there will always be someone trying to find a short-cut. This has resulted in cheating allegations from time to time. While it is impossible to stop all cheating, there are a few things you can do to make your game as fair as possible.

Recently there was a big uproar in the poker community over a player named Mike Postle who was accused of cheating during live streamed games at Stones Gambling Hall in California. After Postle was accused countless streamers and high-profile players began going through hours of footage dissecting every important hand he played, it seemed that there was definitely something fishy going on. Postle made absurd calls against the odds and was able to call down river bets with very little chance of winning. This type of behavior is a sign that you should leave as soon as possible.

Some players claimed that Postle was using a device to help him make these decisions. Others believed that he was simply an excellent player who could read his opponents and pick up on a tell. The poker world has been shaken by this incident, regardless of the exact method Postle employed. It is no longer safe to participate in private games in any casino where Postle was playing.

This story comes on the heels of another cheating scandal at a WSOP tournament that saw a player named Valeriu Coca accused of using invisible ink to mark his cards. Despite all of the uproar, it was eventually determined that Coca was not cheating and he did not use any sort of marking system during his matches. The only issue was that Coca was able beat the top players and this caused suspicion among the poker community.

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