Infrared marked cards are invisible to the human eye but easily read with a special poker cheating device. These devices are used by professional gamblers and card sharks to gain an edge in their games. They can be used to read IR marks on cards from a long distance, and the results are sent to a handheld scanner that relays them to an earpiece worn by the cheater. These devices are easy to use, and they do not require any software or other technology to function.

Invisible ink marking playing cards are very popular with many poker players from all over the world. There are many ways to detect these cards, including luminous contact lenses, UV invisible ink contacts, invisible ink glasses and bar code marked cards. Some of these devices are illegal to use, but others are not.

The best way to use IR marked cards is with a pair of invisible ink contact lenses or glasses that see invisible ink. These lenses look the same as regular sunglasses, so no one will notice that you are using them. They also have a comfortable fit and can be worn for a long period of time.

These invisible ink lenses are designed to work with a specialized IR camera, which can be hidden in many places, such as a clock, smoke detector, 3D painting and lamp. The IR camera can be set up anywhere in the casino, and when your partners look at the IR mark on the deck, they will instantly know the results of your hand. This information will be transferred to a Bluetooth earpiece, which will then relay it to your partner.

IR markings are different from barcode marks, as they only show up under a certain wavelength of light. The IR markings are very small, so they cannot be seen by naked eyes or invisible ink contact lenses and sunglasses. However, they are still readable by an IR poker scanner, which can be hidden in a variety of locations.

To make the most of your IR marked cards, you should practice in a low-pressure environment before using them in a high-stakes game. This will help you get accustomed to the new technology and ensure that you can see the markings clearly. It is also a good idea to wear your IR contact lenses while wearing a dark shirt or jacket. This will protect them from smudges and keep them looking clean and fresh.

IR marked cards are the most advanced type of poker cheating cards, and they can be used to win any game at the casino. These cards have been marked with a special ink that is only visible under an IR camera. IR cards are safe to play with, and they can be read by a poker scanner analyzer or an IR camera. In addition, they are extremely discreet and can be used in a wide variety of games. These cards are very effective at reading even the smallest marks, and they are often preferred by card sharks and professional gamblers.

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