Mark’s card shop has a wide selection including raw singles, graded singles, retail boxes, hobby box, and more. They also offer a wide selection of sports memorabilia and collectibles.

They offer a wide range of team sets, including baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. They also have many team sets that are complete and affordable for collectors. They have a great selection autographed cards and numbered cards.

They have a wide selection of cards from the last century. They are famous for selling autographed cards signed by famous players.

You can show off your cards with a variety display cases. They offer lighted glass and wall mounted cases. They have a glass breaking alarm for more valuable cases.

It is vital to have a sound safety plan before opening a store. Contact the local government for business permits and inspections, and be sure to purchase a security system and burglar alarm.

A big part of your business will be trading and selling used cards, but a large percentage of your revenue will come from new cards. This means that you will need a good inventory of different types and brands, and you should also develop relationships with the major sports card companies.

The first thing you need to start a card shop is passion for it and a solid knowledge of the market. Once you have all that, you can create a business plan and secure financing to open your shop.

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