How Poker Cheating Eyes Work

The uncertainty of a game, whether it’s poker, blackjack, or another casino game, makes people feel excited and fascinated. Some players may have great poker skills and strategies but still rely on their luck to win. This uncertainty stimulates people’s adrenaline which leads to them becoming addicted to gambling. As a result, a lot of cheating tricks emerge to help them win. Poker cheating glasses are among the most effective. They can give players more advantages, and help them avoid losing money.

Poker cheating glasses are made from luminous material that can read invisible ink markings on the backs of marked cards. These marks can be detected with a screen via IR camera and are not visible to naked eyes or even a phone scanner. These sunglasses can be worn at all times and are easy to use. However, wearing them may attract the attention and anti-cheating experts at casinos.

Poker cheating glasses that use infrared contact lenses can also be used. These lenses can read the back of the marked cards and help you win in gambling. These lenses are printed in invisible ink. They are perfect for gamblers that want to protect themselves. They can also prevent others from seeing the cards they hold.

This method is very popular. It is similar to X-ray gambling table. The main difference is that it does not require any props and can be used in a regular gambling table. It is more difficult than the previous technique to detect. It can also be used to collude by two people.

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