Marked decks are an important tool in the arsenal of card magicians. They can be used a variety of ways and can improve the effectiveness of your trick.

It’s crucial to choose the one that best suits your needs. The markings should look normal and be easy to read without being too obvious.

Marked decks with Reader Systems

A marked deck is a special tool for magicians and mentalists, that helps them perform amazing feats that would otherwise be impossible. These secrets, which are embedded on the back of cards, allow magicians and mentalists to perform seemingly impossible feats without learning any complicated moves.

Some of these markings may be hidden on the reverse of the card while others may be printed in the design. Some of these systems can be read easily, while others may require some skill.

Marked cards with reader systems can be a great choice for magicians who wish to perform routines without the spectators being able to check their cards. These systems can also be used by performers with poor eyesight or who require glasses.

Cartamundi has produced this marked deck, which uses a unique system of marking that is impossible to detect by trained magicians. Its design is similar Cartamundi’s Copag Decks. It also comes with a full video instruction and a keycard.

Marked decks with coded systems

A marked deck allows magicians to perform card tricks which would otherwise be impossible. It’s also a great tool to improve existing tricks without the need to use complicated moves which can take a lot of time and practice.

Marked decks come in a few different forms, including those that have reader systems and those that use coded systems to indicate values and suits. Reader systems are generally easier to read than codes systems.

They do have a weakness – a marked card deck will not work miracles by itself. It is still important to think of clever tricks that will entertain and make your audience forget about the secret weapon.

Marked decks can be purchased from a number of different sources, and some of the best are manufactured by renowned magic brands like Ellusionist and Phoenix. These decks are designed with easy reading in mind, and they’re visually stunning to look at.

Marked decks which are easy to read

There are several ways to use a marked set of cards. Some are simple, while others need a bit of skill and misdirection.

Marked decks allow you to perform miracles with a deck that is not marked. You can also use them to add a little extra pizazz into your card magic routines.

The most common type is the reader system. This uses secret marks to indicate each card’s value and suit. These markings can be found in the back design and are not visible to the spectator.

A coded system is another type of marked deck, which uses codes to indicate the value and suit of every card. These markings may not be as easy to read as those on a reader system but they allow you to identify a card quickly and easily.

Marked decks are easy to conceal

Marked decks are a popular tool for magicians and mentalists. They allow you to do things such as perform magic with the cards or make a prediction about the suit and value of a card. They can also be used for other purposes.

Keep your marked deck secret from your audience. This is an excellent idea for magicians looking to keep up with the latest tricks. It also helps to avoid spectators accusing you of cheating.

The best decks to use for a hidden card trick are the ones that have a unique back design. This is important as it will make the markings pop out from the rest. It will be easier to read a card if you are unsure of its identity. It will be more difficult to change the deck. This is the reason why some people like to purchase decks from a reputable dealer.

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