Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck Blue & Red

The Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck is currently the most popular among magicians. And Bicycle playing card is one of the most common poker brands. Therefore, in the show, the audience…
Looking for the best marked deck? Our high- quality casino playing cards come from leading brands, including Bee,Amodiano, Copag, Bicycle, Fournier, and more.Magic marked cards are marked by changing the back design of decks. It applies a special system (rule) to hide the markings on the card backs

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Bicycle Ultimate Marked is the deck most magicians choose. Bicycle is one of the most common brands. During the show, the audience won’t be in any doubt whether or not you are playing magic cards.


On the back of the card is the secret code. It’s easy to read and you don’t need any special marking system.


  • You do not need to see the face of a card in order for you to be able identify a card by its name or number.
  • It is possible to read the card’s identifiers even if you have not marked the card.
  • No codes or symbols to learn
  • Distribute the deck without fear.
  • You can read the marks directly and instantly.


  • The mark can be easily read, and so is exposed.
  • The paper card is not as durable.
  • Use it only in magic shows. You will look silly if you use it to play poker.

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Blue / Standard Index / Do Not Need, Red / Standard Index / Do Not Need


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