Copag 139 Marked Cards with Luminous Ink Marks

Copag 139 marked poker cards for luminous ink are one of the most popular poker decks in Brazil. Being different from the Copag plastic playing cards, Copag 139 cards are…
copag marked palying cards is a prominent brand of marked cards, COPAG is also one of the most famous brands of premium quality 100% plastic playing cards for casinos, poker rooms and personal poker players

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Brazil’s Copag marked poker cards are popular for their luminous ink. Copag-139 cards are different from plastic Copag playing cards because they are made of paper. They can also be marked well on the reverse with luminous marks. The performance of invisible marks is the same as that of other Copag-marked playing cards.

These cards can easily be marked to produce high-quality luminous cards. Copag marked decks, with their luminous ink markings on the back, are easy to see with infrared contact lenses or glasses.


Copag-139 luminous-ink marked cards can be marked in different ways to suit different games and rules. Moreover, our technicians are able to mark the cards in a variety of ways for different games. Most people mark their cards with three types of ink. In the middle, large marks are used to indicate the number and suit. In the second place, four small markings are placed on each of the four corners. Thirdly, the tiny white marks on four of the sides. The technicians at Copag 139 can customise the markings to suit your needs, if you are ordering large quantities of marked Copag 139 decks.

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