Copag Jumbo Face Marked Magic Cards in Casino

Copag jumbo face poker cards are 100% plastic cards with casino quality. With such professional quality, COPAG playing cards are used worldwide. In the poker cheating products market, Copag poker…
copag marked palying cards is a prominent brand of marked cards, COPAG is also one of the most famous brands of premium quality 100% plastic playing cards for casinos, poker rooms and personal poker players

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The Copag jumbo-face poker cards are made of 100% plastic and have a casino quality. COPAG cards are widely used because of their professional quality. Copag Poker Jumbo Face marked Magic Cards are extremely popular in the market for poker cheating products.


How do you make a Copag Jumbo Face marked deck of magic cards? If you have an ink pen that is invisible, you can mark your cards yourself. The hand-made markings are not as effective as those printed on the deck. Some people prefer to use UV ink for their own unique markings. Buy a marked casino magic deck from a professional marked card manufacturer. As professional magic cards marking specialists, you need to be aware that they can adjust the invisible ink mix according to different materials, colors and back patterns. The technician sprays a special solution on the back of the cards after the ink has dried. This will extend the time that the card can be used.

We have a number of articles that explain how to read magic ink marks.

There are a number of ways to do this. Wearing invisible ink contacts and luminous glasses is the most common method. Please contact us if you’re interested in Copag Jumbo Face-marked magic cards.

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