CVK 680 Poker Card Analyzer iPhone 8 Plus Model

CVK 680 poker analyzer was launched by CVK company in 2020. It can predict who will be the winner in a poker game. Using the poker analyzer, you can be…
Poker analyzer is a high-end poker cheating devices, which can report 100 percent correct result to poker player within 0.1 second. There are many types of Poker analyzers, among which Akk, Cvk600, Ld and other types of analyzers are more popular with customers,It plays an increasingly important role in the playing card games market due to its vast practicality and usage.

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In 2020, CVK launched the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer. It can predict the outcome of a poker game. You can use the poker analyzer to be in a better position knowing the rankings of each player, even if the game has not finished. You can also adjust your strategies immediately based on the results provided by CVK680. If you are playing Baccarat, for example, and you know the players’ rank, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to add another card. Or, if you choose the option of reading the card directly, it will allow you the ability to judge if adding a card is advantageous.

CVK 680 poker analyzer: Advantages and Benefits

iPhone 8 Plus Appearance

You don’t have to worry about its appearance going out of style because the prototype is iPhone 8 Plus. The CVK 680 Poker Analyzer can also be used like a regular cell phone. It has all of the same functions as the standard one, including listening to music and making calls.


Long Scanning distance

The poker analyzer’s built-in camera is one of its most important parts. Its scanning distance can have a significant impact on the user experience. The CVK 680’s scanning distance can be anywhere between 20 and 45 cm. You can also check out our external camera if the scanning distance and range of the built-in one doesn’t suit your needs.


100 Percent Accuracy

When you ask me, what is the most important feature of a poker analyser, my answer is: accuracy. Accuracy is important, whether you are trying to determine the rankings of players or card values. You may lose a lot of cash if the poker analyzer gives you false information. The CVK 680 has a 100% accuracy rate because its camera is able to capture barcode-marked cards and then use the complex analysis system. It is not only accurate, but it can also give you the results immediately.

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Diverse Game Options

You can play a variety of games in CVK 680. These include Texas Holdem, Blackjack and Omaha.

The game will appear on the page of purchased games.


Ancillary Equipment

Remote control. With the purchase of the CVK 680 Poker Scanner Analyzer, you will receive a pair of remote controls that can be used to increase or decrease players in secret according to the circumstances.

Mini earphone. You can get the results of CVK 680 marked card analyzer via a small earphone. The mini earphone can only be heard by the user. It is so small that it is difficult to find.


How can I order CVK680 from you?

You can purchase the CVK680 Poker Analyzer without hesitation if you want to increase your winning edge in poker games and win more money. Welcome to contact us directly by WhatsApp (+86 150 9995 1380) or Email ([email protected]) to get the best price.

What about the language version of this page?

The CVK 680 supports both Chinese and English.

Shipping & Delivery

The CVK device 680 was shipped from China. DHL, UPS and FedEx are the most common options. We will give you the most convenient option according to your needs.

How can I track the status of my order?

We will immediately send you the tracking number as well as a link for your order.

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