Fournier Poker Vision Marked Trick Poker Cards

ost of the gamblers and poker players do not have an idea to play games when they enter the casino at the earlier stage. They are naive to follow the…

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When they first enter the casino, most gamblers and players of poker do not know what games to play. They are too naive and oblivious to understand the rules. As time passes, trick cards marked with numbers have attracted their attention.

In other words, marked trick poker cards are a form of gambling deck. This is a term used to describe playing cards which have been altered to make them more recognizable to magicians and gambling players, but not to others. You will find a large number of results when you search for trick playing cards online. It is up to the magicians’ techniques, not the Fournier Poker Vision trick cards, to fool or deceive the audience. To help beginners succeed, we will introduce a variety of easy-to-use gambling cards.



The back side of the cards are marked with invisible ink. On the back of the cards, there are invisible markings. These markings are printed or written in a liquid chemical that is invisible to the human eye. How can this mark become visible? It is essential to have external assistance. These hidden markers can be revealed by wearing a pair or cheating card lenses, poker glasses.

Next, there is a poker card with an invisible barcode. Unseen barcodes are printed on all four sides of the deck, unlike back-marked cards. Poker results can easily be calculated with the help of a scanning camera and poker analyser. Within 0.1s, you can determine the winning poker hands.

The last type is IR trick cards, which have markings on the back. You can no longer use IR (UV), contact lenses or glasses to view the markings on its back. Instead, you will need an infrared-based camera. The markings appear on the screen clearly and your partner is able to tell which cards your opponent holds through their handsets. This device is perfect for those who don’t want to wear glasses or lenses.

There are many new products in addition to the marked trick cards that we have described above. Please contact us or visit our website at

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