Modiano Super Fiori Marked Playing Cards

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Modiano Super Fiori marked cards originated in Italy. Modiano Italian playing cards are among the best in the world. These cards will last up to 100x longer than regular playing cards! Modiano cards are made of 100% plastic. They are waterproof, washable and resistant to crimping and fading. Modiano Super Fiori cards are imported from their country of origin and then processed with invisible luminous ink.

Modiano Super Fiori marked cards are available for all other card games, such as Blackjack, Bull Baccarat, Omaha and more.

These Modiano Super Fiori marked poker cards are of high quality. These cards are not visible in most types of light or sunlight. These cards won’t be visible in many types of light and sunlight. What? The luminous marks can be seen when wearing infrared lenses.

Modiano Super Fiori will not be contaminated by ink after the marking process. Ink won’t get on Modiano Super Fiori after the marking process. There is virtually no difference in color. The cards are the same as normal poker decks.

Marking Modiano Super fiori marked cards with invisible ink is a good idea because the ink cannot be detected by naked eyes when dried. When dried, the ink cannot be seen by naked eye. These cards can be used to cheat in gambling.



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