NTP Marked Poker Cards for Contact Lenses

In the magic trick poker, NTP marked poker cards for contact lenses play an important role. Generally, we mark a big font on the back in order to be seen…
Looking for the best marked deck? Our high- quality casino playing cards come from leading brands, including Bee,Amodiano, Copag, Bicycle, Fournier, and more.Magic marked cards are marked by changing the back design of decks. It applies a special system (rule) to hide the markings on the card backs

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NTP marked contact lens poker cards are important in magic trick poker. In order to make the mark visible by infrared lens, we usually use a large font.
Dal Negro acquired the NTP brand in 2004. Italian NTP cards are among the best 100% plastic cards. This NTP deck of high quality is packaged in a plastic black case. We won’t change the outer package after marking. We won’t change the outer packaging after marking.

NTP Poker Cards have a rigid and stiff plastic feel. NTP is a mix of Modiano and Copag. These cards are similar to Modiano in thickness and feel, but have a plastic appearance like Copag. NTP cards are imported directly from the country of origin. This ensures that we get top-quality NTP marked cards for contact lenses. It won’t be any different.


NTP poker playing card are about 2 mm wider than poker-size cards. You may feel they are bigger than other cards. The size will not affect the effect of marking. The size of the marking won’t affect its effect. We spray the cards with a special chemical to make the marks waterproof and last longer. You don’t have to worry about other players?? Wet hands can damage the invisible ink.

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