Perspective Glasses That Can See through Cards

If you want to see through poker cards, there are perspective sunglasses and contact lenses. With them, you can see the cards’ suits and value directly without any occlusion. Compare…
Invisible ink glasses can not only protect our eyes from sunlight, but also can become invisible ink readers, clearly recognizing invisible ink stains.

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You can use contact lenses or sunglasses with perspective to see the cards. They allow you to see the card’s value and suit directly, without any occlusion. Comparing to contact lenses, the perspective sunglasses are easier and more convenient. No use time-limited. It is well known that contact lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours in a day. You should not wear your contact lenses more than 8 hours a day.

The ability to see through cards is a fantastic feature
The poker cards trick glasses come in different styles, colors, and sizes to meet the requirements of customers. This pair of home game perspective glasses are suitable for Texas Holdem, Omaha and Blackjack. A purple membrane is electroplated on the sunglasses by the technician to enable it to be able see the suits and values of each card. The violet membrane is designed to ensure that UV light and IR light are absorbed by the human eye. The darker the purple, the more effective it is to see cards.

The magician can also use this glass for their home game.

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