Shopping 350 Chip Tray Playing Cards Scanning Camera

350 chip tray?is a good cover for?playing cards scanning camera, our technicians can install well a mini camera lens inside the tray secretly, and people won’t find any difference. It’s…
Poker camera are the most advanced poker cheating devices out there. It’s a scanning camera hidden in various everyday objects that scans barcode cards and helps poker analyzers report game results, Poker camera is often hidden in t-shirt, Audi Car Key, Lamp Hole, Chip Tray, Poker Table Lamp, wall and other places are very tight and difficult to detect.

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350-chip tray is a good cover to hide a card scanning camera. Our technicians can easily install a small camera lens in the tray, so that people will not notice. This poker camera can be used to scan barcodes on cards and report the winning hands of poker analyzers.


Comparing the 350 Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera with other scanners, there are many advantages.

The chip tray poker cards scanning cameras can be used safely because the tray is commonly used on poker tables in private clubs or casinos. The chip tray poker cards scanning cameras are popular for their basic functions, which make them ideal to use in card games.

Second, the chip tray is an item that can be placed on the table. Other items, such as portable power banks or phones, cannot. The Dealer is usually the one who uses poker chip tray cameras. They are able to scan marked cards and work with poker phone analyzers correctly.

The 350 chip tray can also be used to house a large battery and the scanning camera for playing cards. This is an important advantage, as it will work much longer than other dealers’ cameras such as car key scanners or watch cameras. This is a great choice for people who plan to play poker all night long or even eight hours. There’s also a remote control that allows you to temporarily turn the camera on or off so it can continue working for longer.

We can place the camera lens at different locations to scan cards on different surfaces, like the table, or the Dealer’s hands. It is important to communicate your requirements and contact the company before ordering a chip tray poker table scanner.

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