Best Quality Copag 1546 Plastic Marked Cards

Marked Cards Copag 1546 for gambling games are available in regular index and jumbo index. And red, blue, green, burgundy, black and gold color. Copag poker gambling cards are also…
copag marked palying cards is a prominent brand of marked cards, COPAG is also one of the most famous brands of premium quality 100% plastic playing cards for casinos, poker rooms and personal poker players

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Marked cards Copag1546 for gambling are available both in regular index as well as jumboindex. The colors are red, green, blue, burgundy and black. Copag gambling cards can be purchased by our clients.

Copag marked gambling cards 1546 can be made to fit poker perspective, poker analyzing and poker infrared scanning systems. We choose marked Copag Cards based on different reading system and client needs.


When it comes to scanning system, barcode decks would be most suitable. And when it comes infrared scanning, only special scanners will detect the back marks made with special ink. Each Copag gambling deck has a unique detecting method.

Copag1546 marked gambling cards, unlike the traditional marking system of the past, are printed using a high-tech card printing technique. The main reason so many people choose invisible ink-marked cards instead of ultimate marked ones is because they are more secure. Playing cards marked with Gambling Copag1546 will remain unfading for half a calendar year. Choose them and choose the best.

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