Infrared Contact Lenses to See Marked Deck

Infrared contact lenses have been specially processed so that they can be used to detect invisible ink marks on marked deck of cards. The wave band of invisible light is…
Many inspection devices have appeared on the market to detect the invisible marks on the back of the invisible ink package. Infrared lenses and Invisible Ink Glasses , two of the poker tricks, have won the favor of many poker players around the world.

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Specially processed infrared contacts can detect invisible ink on marked cards. The invisible light waveband is 400nm-700nm. We can see something in this band with our naked eye. Waves beyond 700nm are called infrared, and waves below 400nm are ultraviolet. Infrared light and ultraviolet radiation are waves that we cannot see. They can?t be detected by the naked eye. We need to use special devices to detect this light.

Marked cards are becoming increasingly popular in cheating poker gambling. Players can easily win in gambling with the help of these marked cards. The marked cards have been printed with invisible pigments, which means we can’t see the marks. The luminous marks are not visible to the naked eye. Contact lenses with infrared light are needed. You can clearly see the marks with these lenses.


Invisible ink contact lenses are no different from ordinary contact lenses. These lenses have a low water content, which means they won’t dry your eyes out. Even if it? You won’t feel anything strange in your eyes, even if this is the first time you wear contact lenses. It won?t seem strange to you.

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1 year / IR marks / A, 1 year / IR marks / B, 1 year / IR marks / C, 1 year / UV marks / A, 1 year / UV marks / B, 1 year / UV marks / C, 6 months / IR marks / A, 6 months / IR marks / B, 6 months / IR marks / C, 6 months / UV marks / A, 6 months / UV marks / B, 6 months / UV marks / C


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