Luminous Ink Contact Lenses for Marked Playing Cards

Luminous ink contact lenses, the high-tech product for poker players, are one of the marked?deck readers that used to detect the luminous marked cards. By wear these lenses, the user…
Many inspection devices have appeared on the market to detect the invisible marks on the back of the invisible ink package. Infrared lenses and Invisible Ink Glasses , two of the poker tricks, have won the favor of many poker players around the world.

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The high-tech contact lenses that detect marked cards are luminous ink. Wearing these lenses allows the user to view the hidden markings (the number or letters indicating the value of the cards) on the back.

Why do we see the invisible marks when we wear the luminous ink lenses? Some of the light in nature is visible to the human eye, while others are not. This includes UV light and IR lights. If you want to see invisible light, then you will need some tools such as an IR camera.


The marks on cheating marked cards are made with IR or luminous ink. Once the ink is dried, it becomes impossible to see them. Poker lenses are needed to see the marks. They do not normally have a correction. If the client is shortsighted, then we ask him for his glasses prescription. Then, we customize the diopters in contact lenses. People wear luminous ink lenses because they don’t change their eye color.

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6mm / 42% / Bank Transfer, 6mm / 42% / Moneygram, 6mm / 42% / Wetern Union, 6mm / 48% / Bank Transfer, 6mm / 48% / Moneygram, 6mm / 48% / Wetern Union, 9mm / 42% / Bank Transfer, 9mm / 42% / Moneygram, 9mm / 42% / Wetern Union, 9mm / 48% / Bank Transfer, 9mm / 48% / Moneygram, 9mm / 48% / Wetern Union


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