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Marked poker cards contact lenses also can be called IR/UV ink eye contacts, which have a unique function that can see invisible ink special marks under different lights. It is…
Many inspection devices have appeared on the market to detect the invisible marks on the back of the invisible ink package. Infrared lenses and Invisible Ink Glasses , two of the poker tricks, have won the favor of many poker players around the world.

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The marked poker cards contact lenses are also known as IR/UV eye contacts. They have a unique feature that allows them to see special invisible marks in different lighting conditions. This special tool can help players to win in different poker card games such as Texas Holdem Baccarat and BlackJack. Like normal prescription lenses, marked cards contact lenses can also be classified into different types based on their size and eye color. Ordinary eyewear is more about changing the look, whereas contact lenses should not change the color of your eyes after wearing. This is some advice to help you choose the right pair of poker contact lenses.


1. If you have black or dark eye color, I recommend that you choose contact lenses of 9mm size. It won’t alter the color of your eyes and will ensure enough card area to read even if they move in your eyes.

2. If you have green, blue or any other light color eyes, then choose 4mm or 6mm lenses to avoid changing the color of your eye. You can also choose 9mm infrared lenses if the color of your eyes is not an issue.

3. It is important to consider the quality of marked contact lenses. Normal quality lenses can last for up to eight months. Top quality lenses can be worn for two years. Some customers choose the cheapest poker lens, which can hurt your eyes. The price is quite affordable, around 150-250 dollars. It’s not a great idea to pick this contact lens, because if you use it after a certain period, you will see the color fade.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the highest quality marked playing card contact lenses.

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