IR Contact Lenses for Luminous Marked Cards

IR contact lenses for luminous marked cards poker are the rarest version of luminous ink readers. The infrared contacts have a red filter in the center of the contact that…
Many inspection devices have appeared on the market to detect the invisible marks on the back of the invisible ink package. Infrared lenses and Invisible Ink Glasses , two of the poker tricks, have won the favor of many poker players around the world.

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IR contact lens for luminous marked card poker is the rarest of all luminous ink readers. Infrared contacts are red-colored lenses that cover only your pupil. Others see the normal color of your eyes but you see red.

China is the main producer of these infrared contacts lenses for luminous card cards. Those who claim the lenses are harmful to their eyes, causing infection and disease, would be lying. Is it true? As long as you care for your contacts properly, there will be no adverse effects to your eyes. In the past, contact readers cost a lot. We bought bulk at the source. The IR contact lenses are available at the lowest market price guaranteed on the internet. These lenses have a shorter lifespan than glasses, ranging from 480 to 600 hours. Purchase in bulk to get a massive discount.


You will receive both the lens and the manual. You should read all the instructions before you open the package and wash the lenses as directed. You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have about the IR Contact Lenses.

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1 year / 5mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 5mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 5mm / Western Union, 1 year / 6mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 6mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 6mm / Western Union, 1 year / 9mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 9mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 9mm / Western Union, 6 months / 5mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 5mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 5mm / Western Union, 6 months / 6mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 6mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 6mm / Western Union, 6 months / 9mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 9mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 9mm / Western Union


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