Maverick Spy Playing Cards with Invisible Marking

Maverick spy playing cards with invisible marking for infrared contact lenses or sunglasses are quite suitable for magician or poker players in Texas Hold’em or Omaha game. They have jumbo…
Looking for the best marked deck? Our high- quality casino playing cards come from leading brands, including Bee,Amodiano, Copag, Bicycle, Fournier, and more.Magic marked cards are marked by changing the back design of decks. It applies a special system (rule) to hide the markings on the card backs

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Maverick Spy Playing Cards with Infrared Markings are perfect for magicians or poker players who play Texas Hold’em, Omaha or other games. The cards come in a jumbo poker-size with a red and bluish color. Our playing cards are usually marked by a professional printer, not the invisible ink pens. This is why we have confidence in the quality. We know that ink mixing technology is key to the perfect marking of playing cards. It is very difficult to make a perfect mark with an ink pen. How do we choose the best Maverick spy card?


Maverick cards should be immaculate, and they shouldn’t have any sticking together. This includes missing cards. On the market, there are a lot of marked cards to choose from. There are both cheaper and more expensive cards. These cards are classified as cheaper cards. The marks may appear clear, but you will feel a negative feeling when you use them. It is also important that the marking on the backs Maverick marked playing cards cannot be seen in different lights. The mark can be read only by a cheating device like unique contact lenses, poker cameras, or sunglasses.


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Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / DHL, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / EMS, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Fedex, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / DHL, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / EMS, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / Fedex, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / DHL, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / EMS, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Fedex, Red / Poker Sunglasses / DHL, Red / Poker Sunglasses / EMS, Red / Poker Sunglasses / Fedex


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