Poker Table with Cameras for Gambling Cheating

Equipped with many mini cameras, the poker table is for reading the invisible ink marked cards. With the same as outward appearance of unprocessed table, poker cheating table is nearly…
Poker camera are the most advanced poker cheating devices out there. It’s a scanning camera hidden in various everyday objects that scans barcode cards and helps poker analyzers report game results, Poker camera is often hidden in t-shirt, Audi Car Key, Lamp Hole, Chip Tray, Poker Table Lamp, wall and other places are very tight and difficult to detect.

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The poker table comes with many mini-cameras to help you read invisible ink marked cards. A poker cheating desk that looks identical to a table unprocessed is almost impossible for others to detect.

The poker table is equipped with a camera to help you cheat at poker. It can be used in conjunction with the poker IR or poker analyzing systems. Poker analyzer uses the poker table camera as a barcode scanner. With it, you can know who the best poker player is, what the second best hand is, and many other accurate results. Players can also take control of the game with the IR System, as you will know the best poker hand.


A poker cheating system can be built from any type of poker table. It will still be cool even after a long work. You can also personalize the poker table. You can customize your poker table in any way you want.

Like all the other products we sell, you will find detailed instructions on how to control and operate this poker table. Contact me for more information about the product or its price.

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Barcode / Black / Metal, Barcode / White / Metal, IR / Black / Metal, IR / White / Metal, UV / Black / Metal, UV / White / Metal


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