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Poker winner predictor, it is the additional advantage poker device for each player to look forward when they are at the poker games in that the right assistance can prove…
Poker analyzer is a high-end poker cheating devices, which can report 100 percent correct result to poker player within 0.1 second. There are many types of Poker analyzers, among which Akk, Cvk600, Ld and other types of analyzers are more popular with customers,It plays an increasingly important role in the playing card games market due to its vast practicality and usage.

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Poker winner predictor is the extra advantage poker device that players should look forward to in order to get the best assistance when playing poker. Texas Holdem is a good example. The software focuses on the odds of winning for each player. This will make it easier to know your results before the game begins. The odds calculator is known as the poker winning predictor in the cheating devices for poker market.


CVK400 poker winner predictor consists of a poker analyser, a poker scanning camera (local or wireless), barcode marked poker cards and earpiece. Each part plays an important role in the overall process. This is the complete process of using this magic poker tool. First, the poker scan camera scans all the barcodes on the cards. Next, it sends signals to the phone analyzer, which then analyses the result. The poker players can then hear the result through the mini spy earpiece. The process is simple, even though it appears to be a little complicated. This poker winning prediction tool is not only fast, but also secure, accurate, and portable. It’s no surprise that a lot of poker fans are fond of the playing cards winning hand forecaster.

Where can I find the best CVK400 poker winning predictor of high quality? We are a popular choice among many poker players. Our company provides not only high-quality predictions of poker winners, but the best customer service. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

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