Gambling Glasses for Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Gambling glasses are common devices to detect the luminous marks on invisible ink playing cards. Luminous marked cards have been processed with invisible ink so we can??t see the marks…
Invisible ink glasses can not only protect our eyes from sunlight, but also can become invisible ink readers, clearly recognizing invisible ink stains.

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Gambling glasses is one of the most common ways to detect the luminous markers on playing cards. Luminous marked playing cards have been treated with invisible ink, so that we can’t see them directly. The marks are invisible to the naked eye.


Both contact lenses and infrared glasses can detect invisible markings. Contact lenses can be a problem for some players. There aren’t enough contact lenses to cover all the occasions. Some people can? Contact lenses can be dangerous for people with eye disease. Lenses can also not be worn near sources of fire. It is not allowed to place the lenses near a source or fire. To help you at this moment, gambling infrared lenses are very helpful.

The glasses will not cause any irritation to the eyes.

The invisible ink shades for gambling are fashionable and can make you cool. They are disguised as normal sunglasses so you won’t notice them. Other players will not be able to detect them. You can use the glasses at many poker gambling situations. What? The glasses are also a great way to increase your chances of winning when playing poker. The infrared lenses must be used to read invisible playing cards. They can?

To play poker, you only need a marked deck of cards and gambling glasses. You can learn about the other players with the glasses. The glasses can give you a heads-up on other players.

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