Infrared Sunglasses for Marked Playing Cards

Reading marked playing cards with infrared contact lenses is already a simple way to play a trick on poker game. Then how about with a pair of infrared sunglasses to…
Invisible ink glasses can not only protect our eyes from sunlight, but also can become invisible ink readers, clearly recognizing invisible ink stains.

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The trick of playing poker with marked cards is simple to do when you use infrared contacts. Why not use infrared shades to read invisible ink-backed marked cards? This is a good option for those who aren’t used to wearing contacts in their daily lives. Infrared sunglass lenses have the same working principle as infrared lens contact lenses.


Our eye’s perception of light has a limited range. In some cases, light waves outside of this range can not be detected by the naked eyes, so the object is not real to us. In this case, we are aware that our marked card is marked using invisible ink kit on original playing cards by professional printer. Since the ink cannot easily be read with our eyes, we have to use a special tool to see it. Infrared ink is used to mark the cards. Our eyes can’t distinguish it in infrared light. Due to this principle, we converted normal sunglasses into infrared shades. The glasses were also coated with a layer polarized normal glass, to look more normal, and less suspicious of other players.

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