LD D4 All-in-one Poker Card Analyzer

The all-in-one poker card analyzer refers to the phone scanner analyzer that also has the mini scanning camera inside, so it can scan the marked deck of cards and analyze…
Poker analyzer is a high-end poker cheating devices, which can report 100 percent correct result to poker player within 0.1 second. There are many types of Poker analyzers, among which Akk, Cvk600, Ld and other types of analyzers are more popular with customers,It plays an increasingly important role in the playing card games market due to its vast practicality and usage.

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The all-in-1 poker card analyser refers the phone scan analyzer that has also the mini scanning cameras inside. So it can scan and analyze the signals to get the poker results, such as the winning hands.


Previously, the phone cards analyzer worked only to calculate the card to get results and needed a scanning wireless camera first to scan the barcode marked cards. Back then, the analyzers appeared strange, as there were no smartphones.

AKK K3 will have a scanning camera in the phone analyzer. LD D4 poker cards analyzer functions similarly to K3 all-in-1 hand analyzer. Its scanner can read cards from a distance between 20cm-40cm.

The LD D4 poker analyzer scanner can set 5 poker variations, including Texas Holdem and Omaha five cards. That’s 2 more poker variants than the AKK. Tell us what games you require and we will prepare them for you.

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