Leather Belt with Long Distance Camera

Leather belt camera is a gambling cheating device for the home game. The leather belt is just a carrier that hidden with a pinhole camera. This camera works with the…
Poker camera are the most advanced poker cheating devices out there. It’s a scanning camera hidden in various everyday objects that scans barcode cards and helps poker analyzers report game results, Poker camera is often hidden in t-shirt, Audi Car Key, Lamp Hole, Chip Tray, Poker Table Lamp, wall and other places are very tight and difficult to detect.

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Leather belt cameras can be used for cheating at home games. They use a pinhole camera hidden inside the belt to scan barcodes on cards.

It is a long-range scanning camera. The distance between the camera and the scanner is 80cm-100cm.

2. A leather belt camera can scan all cards as soon as they stop being shuffled by the dealer. As soon as you have stopped the shuffle, you will be able to determine which hand is the winner.


If you are familiar with scanning cameras, such as the chip tray, wallet, and car key scanners that scan barcodes. Leather belt cameras can be used for poker games which do not allow any items to be placed at the table.

It is impossible to detect that it is a cheating device. This device is a poker cheating belt that looks just like any other leather belt. It can be used to work with any poker analyser model.

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